Colorplan Business Cards

A true stalwart of the design world, G.F Smith have been making Colorplan papers for xx years and this shows in the quality of this stock.  The card is pleasingly textured with an uncoated feel and a smooth surface, making it an ideal partner to our hand presses.  As the name suggests, the Colorplan range comes in a stunning range of colours, making it a joy to match with your brand.  The whole range is also 100% recyclable and chlorine free.

Make a statement with vibrant options like Factory Yellow and Tabriz Blue, or show off your softer side with choices like Cool Grey and Park Green.  At Woodblock we can foil block using an array of metallic, pigment and dayglo foils, letterpress with pantone mixed inks, digital or litho print, duplex, triplex, emboss, deboss, die-cut or edge gild any of the 53 colours.  The possibilities are almost endless, but if all this choice is too overwhelming, please do get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.

D E S I G N   L A Y O U T 

We will happily design your business card free of charge.  We have years of experience in creating stand out business cards using both traditional and modern techniques and printing processes.  Just send us your logo and details via email and we’ll start squirrelling away.  So whatever your business card cravings, let us satisfy them with a cherry on top.

M U L T I P L E   N A M E S

If you have multiple names to produce business cards for, we will happily adjust the price to reduce the unit cost per card.  Additionally, we will go as low as just 50 cards per name when 2 or more names are ordered.  Get in touch for more information. 

Stock Weights & Production Techniques

Our colorplan business cards are lovingly produced in-house by our skilled team
using a combination of the following stock weights and production techniques.

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Single Ply 

Single ply business cards use one sheet of coloured card stock compare to duplexng or triplexing which use two or three sheets.

350gsm, 540gsm and 700gsm

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Duplex business cards are created by mounting two card colours of your choice together, to create a double thickness business card.

540gsm and 700gsm

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Triplex business cards are created by mounting three card colours of your choice together, to create a triple thickness business card.

810gsm and 1080gsm

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Foil Blocking

The foil is applied between the die and card resulting in stunning, tactile and eye-catching result with a natural debossed finish.

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Letterpress is highly sought after due to its exquisite, deep ink impression which both looks and feels stunning.

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Digital / Litho Print

Print can also be combined with foil or letterpress which is a popular choice with our duplex and triplex business cards.

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Debossing pushes the card in leaving a sunken impression and is available to use with foil, letterpress or blind. Blind debossing uses no foil or ink when creating the impression.

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Embossing pushes the card out leaving a raised impression and is available to use with foil, letterpress or blind. Blind embossing uses no foil or ink when creating the impression.

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Gilding / Painting

These specialised processes involve applying either foil or ink to the edges of the business cards to create a striking finish. Popular options are gold and copper foils plus pantones mixed inks.

Colorplan Colours

Choose from over 50 colorplan colours which can be used in any combination for duplex and triplex business cards. They can also be combined with other stock options such as Cranes Cotton or Kraft Nomad.

Have a project in mind or just need some advice?

No problem, we are here to help so please get in touch by calling the studio or use the enquiry button above.

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There have hundreds of different foils available in metallic, matte, dayglo and pigment colours. Please call the studio to discuss all the options and to order free swatches.

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Letterpress Inks

We only use the world famous Van Son rubber based inks available in metallics, fluorescents and we mix all pantones on site to our clients specifications.

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There are over 50 colours to choose from in various weights from 350gsm upto 810gsm which can all be combinded in any combination of colours.

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Blocks & Plates

We use magnesium, copper, brass, polymer, wood or a combination of, depending on the specification and end result required by our clients.

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Please call the studio and we will run through the options. We also store all the final artwork plates in our apothecary draws ready for future use.

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Lead Time

We aim to dispatch all standard orders approx within 5-10 working days. If you have a rush order / tight deadline please let us know and we will do our utmost to help.

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