Why Use Branded Notebooks

Despite the digital age we live in, stationery purchases are on the increase and with good reason.  Freeing yourself from a screen can liberate your thoughts and creativity.  The humble notebook provides a refreshing change and convenient way to organise, note, sketch or let your mind wonder.  Harness this positivity by offering your corporate clients or staff this gift.  A smart, functional, branded notebook that will be used well, appreciated and flashed around thereby beautifully promoting your company.  So, here’s a little guide to help you create the best branded notebooks for your business.

A custom notebook is a lasting memento and the perfect, professional way to promote your business.  Whether you’re looking for compact pocket sized jotters, A5 medium journals or A4 pads we have the notebook for your business or event.  All of our journals can be blind debossed or foil blocked with your logo using premium materials and our beautifully restored vintage letterpresses.  Alternatively we can offer full colour printing of the cover.  There are a multitude of options of page formats (plain, lined grid or dotted), colours, features, branding options and finishes.

Choosing The Right Branded Notebook For Your Business

We are promotional notebooks specialists and have an extensive range so we can definitely create the most fitting product for you.  A customised notebook that matches your corporate colours, compliments your ethos and is functional but also a stand out piece of stationery.  The addition of page inserts can enable specific information to be included to suit.  These corporate gifts can be further enhanced by the addition of branded pens and customised packaging.

When making your decision consider who is using the notebook, is it for staff, corporate clients, an event?  What and when will the recipient use it for?

But which are the best branded notebooks for your business?  We have put together a short list of suggestions but do get in touch with us for any advice.

Best for British… Woodblock Recycled Leather Notebook

Stylish but also environmentally conscious, these 100% recycled leather notebooks are available in five subtle tones.  They can easily be customised with pen loops, closure bands and ribbon markers and are ideal for a range of branding options.  These A5 hardback notebooks offer 192 pages of either plain, lined or squared pages and all made right here in the U.K.

Recyled Leather Notebooks-A Great Business Notebook

Best For Value For Money… Castelli Singer Notebook

These fun, slim pads are a great lightweight option for a custom notebook.  The Castelli Singer boasts a smart black, flexible cardboard cover with rounded corners and spine stitching in a colour of your choice.  Whilst offering fantastic value for money for a promotional notebook they do not compromise on style, feel or functionality.  They can be customised with a blind deboss, foil blocking, belly bands, page inserts and monogrammed initials.  The Castelli Singer is the ideal promotional notebook for gifts or giveaways at exhibitions or events.

Purple Foil Branded Singer Sewn Notepads

Best For A Good Talking Point… Castelli Appeel Notebook

The Appeel Collection by Castelli offers a range of eco notebooks produced from the waste parts of apples combined with vegetable fibres.  This clever technology produces a beautiful writing surface which is enclosed by a highly tactile softback eco-leather cover.  These covers with elegant rounded corners are perfect for blind debossing with a striking logo.  These A5 journals offer 192 lined pages and are available in six natural colours, which are of course, inspired by apple tones.  So, lots of interesting features to break the ice at that next marketing event!

branded notebooks

Best For Functionality.......Castelli Mirabeau Notebook

The Castelli Mirabeau performs brilliantly as a notebook for any business. Boasting a wealth of features such as a pen loop, ribbon marker, internal document storage and hardback A5 and A6 formats.  It is available in smart, professional colours all of which additionally lend themselves well to customisation.  However, the Mirabeau also exudes the style of its Italian heritage and breeding as one of Castelli’s most popular journals.  These make not just functional but also charming branded notebooks for your business.

Castelli Mirabeau-A Great Business Notebook

Best For A Bit Of Fun.......Two Tone Notebook

The Two Tone notebook can add a little bit of colour and cheer to any meeting or event.  These A5 softback journals are hiding a secret beneath their smart and joyful covers.  The underside of the cover is a different eye catching colour thereby creating a surprising contrast.  They are bound in very pleasingly tactile material which is great for personalising with your logo. Like all our journals, they are full of responsibly sourced paper and are great value for money, so it’s win win!  If you think the Two Tone could be the best branded notebook for your business or event then do get in touch for more information.

Colourful Two Tone Notebook

Best For Blind Debossing….Castelli Tucson

A durable, practical yet stylish notebook which comes alive when hand debossed with our vintage presses.  These Tucson notebooks are available in A6, A5 and A4 formats to suit all your business needs.  They come in an impressive range of colours so finding one to suit is a joy.  The Tucson has lots of handy features, including elastic closure, internal pocket, ribbon marker and pen loop.  The perfect blind debossed notebook so it’s easy to see why it’s our best seller!

Best Colourful Notebook For Business

Best For Foil Blocking…. Eco Flexi Notebook

These notebooks are 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, functionally faultless and great value for money.  On top of all that the Eco Flexis are also perfect to foil your logo on, so what’s not to like?  They are available in A5 and pocket sized formats and an increasing range of colours.   At Woodblock we stock a eye popping range of foils that you can choose from with which to adorn your branded eco friendly notebook.  Unsurprisingly, these are one of our best sellers.

Eco Flex Notebook with Silver Foil Logo

Best For A Bit Of Bling… Leuchtturm1917 Metallic Notebook

A stand out luxury notebook for business.  These metallic shine anniversary edition Leuchtturm1917 notebooks will bring a bit of shine to the dullest of meetings.  They come with all the luxury features of a Leuchtturm including, rounded corners, stickers for labelling and archiving, expandable rear pocket, numbered pages, ink proof paper, elastic closure and 8 detachable pages.  These striking notebooks are available in A5 or A6 formats so are super handy.  The gold, silver or bronze can all be customised by foil blocking, blind debossing thereby creating outstanding stationery.  The addition of page inserts specific to your business, belly bands and monogrammed initials can again make a more personalised notebook.

Leuchtturm1917 Metallic Notebooks

Best For Tech Lovers….. Leuchtturm1917 Whitelines Notebook

Bringing journaling into the 21st Century, Whitelines perfectly marries the joy of journaling with the efficiency of tech.  By focusing a smart phone over the page, the app scans and uploads writing and drawing.  It allows you to digitally edit your work, send them by email or make them available via various platforms.  The notebook is available in A5 and large A4 sizes so it’s perfect for all sorts of industries.  With all the high end features associated with Leuchtturm, including stickers for labelling and archiving, expandable rear pocket, numbered pages, ink proof paper, elastic closure and 8 detachable pages.  The Whitelines can be finished with page inserts, belly bands, hot foiling or blind debossing, so what are you waiting for?

Leuchtturm1917 Whitelines Notebook

Best Traditional… Baladek Notebook

A smart, professional and great value notebook in a very pleasing range of colours, The Baladek provides 192 cream pages of ruled paper so perfect for all the note taking one could hope to do.   With handy features such as pen loop, elastic closure and rear pocket these are a great functional option.  However, they also provide a great opportunity for customisation, from blind debossing, foil blocking, page inserts and belly bands.  Don’t forget your branded pen to finish the set and create the best branded notebooks for your business.

Baladek Notebook

Best For Full Colour Printing… Woodblock Full Colour Notebooks

An opportunity to use the whole surface area of the notebook to promote your business with full colour print.  You can further customise the notebook with your choice of pen loop, elastic closure and ribbon market colour and page insert.  These custom full colour notebooks offer 192 pages of plain, ruled or squared pages which create this great corporate printed notepad.  Let your imagination run wild to create your bespoke cover to make the best branded notebooks for your business.

Business Finance Brokers Full Colour Notebooks

Customisations To Create The Best Branded Notebooks For Your Business

Once you have chosen which notebook is right for you, you need to decide how you would like to brand it.  There are a wealth of customisation techniques some of which we have mentioned in this guide.  The most popular options for branding the covers are; Foil blocking in which the foil of your choice is stamped on to the cover; Blind Debossing which imprints the cover with your design but without foil.  Both of these techniques are done by hand on our hand presses.  The third most popular technique is Full Colour Printing, whereby the entire cover of the book is printed on to.  

There are a plethora of other finishing touches that you can add to further personalise your notebook.  These include, page inserts, pen loops, monogramming, belly bands, branded pens and gift boxes. Do get in touch for more information about any of these customisations.  

Let Us Help You To Create The Best Branded Notebooks For Your Business

As you can see the world of customisable notebooks is a voluminous one and there is something to suit everyone.  The options mentioned above are just a selection of our offering so do get in touch and we would be delighted to make suggestions based on your requirements.  Branded notebooks are enduring, universally popular, handy and a great way to promote your brand at meetings, events, exhibitions and trade shows.  They make thoughtful and gratefully received corporate and staff gifts.  They are great value promotional products and work as part of any marketing strategy.   Take advantage of our notebook know-how and enthusiasm to create the best branded notebook for your business.