It’s Recycling Week and so we thought we’d take the opportunity to highlight some of our most eco-friendly products. There are so many reasons to choose these goods over their less green counterparts, the first and most obvious being that we all know it is just the right thing to do!

From a business perspective there is clearly mounting pressure (rightly so) to be acting in an environmentally responsible way. Following the Global Youth Strike last Friday it is clear that the issue of climate change is now firmly in the minds of billions of people across the world. All these consumers are now demanding much more from the businesses they choose to interact with and the environmental credentials of companies will influence the purchasing decisions of consumers.

Recycled products have come a long way and so there is no longer a compromise to be made between doing the right thing and style or quality when choosing your branded notebooks. The range of recycled notebooks we have demonstrates this beautifully.

The Appeel Notebook by Castelli.

These luxury notebooks by Castelli are made from the waste parts of apples, which are then combined with vegetable fibres to produce a very pleasing paper for the 192 pages. The cover is made in part from apple peel and part recycled leather and the result is a smooth surface which is ideal for debossing your logo on to. These A5 notepads are available in a range of earthy colours inspired by the apple, think Granny Smith Green and Red Delicious Red! The perfect corporate notebook for businesses wanting to promote themselves and their environmental credentials.






The Recycled Leather Notebook

These smart, British made notebooks are bound by a 100% recycled leather cover and contain 192 pages of plain, ruled or squared recycled paper. These professional eco-notepads are available in five neutral tones and can be customised to suit your brand or event. They can be further personalised by a choice of closures, ribbon markers and pen loops.



FA VO 100% Recycled Notebooks

These stylish, subtle notepads are made considering the sustainability of the materials and the manufacturing process. The paper is 100 gsm which makes it more resistant and more opaque. The cover is made from a high quality 350 gsm recycled sheet, allowing the notebook to be lighter, durable and flexible. They are available in four beautiful colours all of which can be foiled to create a stand out customised notebook with which to promote your brand.  A recent project (shown below) used a metallic gold foil to beautifully highlight the brand name and logo.  The gold worked perfectly on the Almond coloured notepad.






Kraft Notebook

Kraft notebooks provide a rustic, tactile surface on which to brand by foiling or debossing. These slim wiro-bound notepads are convenient for travel or tight spaces. The pages are available in plain, ruled or squared formats.

The Eco Flexi Notebook

The most recent addition to our range but already proving to be very popular, the Eco Flexi combines a nostalgic exercise book feel with high quality materials and style. These A5 journals are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable (they use a plant-based glue).  They come in five smart colours all of which lend themselves to hot foiling to customise these eco notepads.  They are also made in the U.K..  The greay notebook featured was for a camp in Scotland.  They chose a punchy metallic silver foil for their logo on the cover.


So as you can see it is perfectly possible to marry environmental responsibility and high quality, stylish promotional products.   For more information or a mock up to see how your logo might look on the cover of one of these notepads please do get in touch.