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So, it’s June and we are all desperately hoping that we are over the worst of the pandemic which has caused so much grief and distress.  With lockdown restrictions easing there is a glimmer of a forgotten reality emerging. With that release, new responsibility, not to ‘stay at home’ so much as working to ensure that our businesses survive, that job losses are minimised and that the recession will be quick and as painless as possible.  Much time has passed since we have been able to see our customers and it could be a lot longer before meetings, conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and other face to face events can return.  Therefore we must find other ways to stay in our customers’ minds. How do we stay in touch with our customers from a socailly acceptable distance. 

Emails are great, they are instant and cheap and quick to fire out but they are just as quick to delete.  It is very hard to grab the attention of the recipient in that split second, very hard to do your brand justice and show your style.  Additionally, with time pressures increasing again, people will inevitably be much more discerning about what they choose to engage with.  Emails can feel so cold and whilst they can be a brilliant medium for a first introduction, to reach out to your core customer base or to woo new clients, a more personal touch is far more effective.

Telephone calls provide a wonderfully personal way to get in touch with customers but time just doesn’t always allow for this.  It can also be beneficial to provide your customer with information that they can digest at a time and pace that suits them and to give them a physical reminder of your brand and offering. 

A solution to this could be arming yourself with luxury branded stationery.  With these letterheads, envelopes, notecards and business cards you can stay in touch with your customers in an elegant, personal and thoughtful way.  Who doesn’t like to receive a beautifully crafted letter?  

A branded letterhead will give impact and weight to your message and is far more likely to get you remembered and talked about.  People will engage with your brand as customised stationery shows style and care.  It provides something tangible for your customers, that won’t simply be deleted by a click.  Business stationery, with your logo proudly sitting atop, is much easier for them to hold on to, as opposed to a scrap of paper opr sticky note that can be easily lost.



Branded stationery offers an opportunity to show your brands’ style and ethos.  With so many options for finishes, colours and designs it can be a real work of art and can truly set you apart from the competition.  

We offer letterheads in a range of beautiful, premium stocks.  These can then be customised with your logo and details.  We can personalise them using our vintage hand presses or letterpress machines (or a combination of both).  We have a multitude of foils and inks for the letterpress can be pantone-matched to your brand colours to ensure continuity.  Both techniques require a specially made brass plate of your design and just the right combination of heat and pressure, to create the perfect finish for your branded letterhead.  Branded letterheads offer a great way to keep in touch with your customers.

Notecards, a great informal (but still eye catching) way to stay in touch with your customers.  They can be used as a simple reminder of your presence, a call to action or an invitation.  These pocket sized marketing tools offer a lot of potential for keeping customers informed or reaching out to new markets.  Foil, letterpress and print options are all available for notecards.

We may not be able to hand out business cards face to face at the moment, but they are a business stationery essential that can still be a helpful and functional addition to marketing postal packs.  Providing a handy record of your details that can be taken anywhere, business cards can endure and be there just when your client needs you.  We offer a plethora of stocks, colours, finishes, styles and skills (including letterpress and foil blocking) to ensure that your luxury business cards sing.

Nothing screams attention to detail more than a handsome branded envelope.  Using the same hand and letterpresses mentioned above we can create the finishing touch to any correspondence.  Cusotm business business envelopes allow you to make a great first impression, a bit of post that will not lie unopened for long!   

Never has it been more important to stand out, to be seen and get remembered.  

Branded stationery offers opportunities to communicate in an impressive and memorable way with both existing customers, new markets and staff.  So reach out to your stakeholders, thank them for sticking with you, for working extra hard, introduce your brand or welcome them back.  However you use your branded stationery, let’s all get some marketing out there and do our bit to keep the recession at bay. 

With years of design and branding experience we are delighted to help customers with their stationery, so please do get in touch for advice, design work or a quotes so you can stay in touch with your customers from a socially acceptable distance.