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The humble sewing machine has been a stalwart of industry and an at-home companion to millions for centuries. But did you know that they are also used in the production of some of our most popular notebooks?  Here we take a look at some of our most popular journals – Singer stitched notebooks.

The history of the sewing machine.

The first sewing machines were invented by the French tailor, Barthelemy Thimonnier, in 1830. Thimonnier’s machine used only one thread and a hooked needle that made the same chain stitch used with embroidery. The inventor was almost killed by an enraged group of French tailors who burned down his factory because they feared unemployment as a result of his sewing machine invention

The First Sewing Machine

Later that century Elias Howe invented a machine that had a needle with an eye at the point. The needle was pushed through the cloth and created a loop on the other side, forming a ‘lockstitch’. However, Elias Howe later encountered problems defending his patent and marketing his invention.  In this way, other inventors such as Isaac Singer stepped into the fray and created the first commercial machines. Singer’s name became synonymous with sewing machines and his iconic machines can be found the world over.  His model featured the up-down mechanism and the foot lever we are all familiar with today.  However, long legal battles ensued between the two rivals.

Moleskine Cahier stitched notebooks

Stitched Notebooks

Stitching notebooks is a simple form of bookbinding but also a very popular one. Singer machines have been the most widely used producers of these.   Stitching has a number of benefits.  The first being that the book is able to lie flat.  The second is that it avoids the need for messy (and frequently environmentally harmful) adhesives.  The third is that the pages tend to be held together very tightly.  This is because the stitching secures the pages through the thread to the spine or folio.  Additionally, Singer stitched notebooks produce a clean, unfussy look. It also offers greater creativity by allowing the choice of thread colour for the stitching for an eye-catching detail on your journal.  Finally, stitched notebooks are easily recyclable so are a great eco choice. 


Castelli Singer Branded Noteboks with Foil

Castelli Singer Stitched Notebooks

One of our most popular notebooks is the Castelli Singer stitched journal.  This is a handy, A5 slim notepad that comprises style, functionality and creativity.  They boast the pleasing writing paper (80 pages) and added features  (rounded corners and rear pocket) of a Castelli but in a simple format.  The black cover is universally appreciated and lends itself to stunning foil blocked branding.  Meanwhile, extra detail can be added by the choice of six colour threads for the spine, enabling colour matching.  The Castelli Singer stitched notebooks are highly economical making them a perfect corporate or promotional giveaway. 

Branded Castelli Singer Sewn Notepads

Moleskine Stitched Notebooks

Available in A6, A5 and A4 sizes, these Singer stitched notebooks by Moleskine offer rounded corners and rear pocket like the Castelli but also have sixteen detachable pages.  The Cahier is available in seven smart but subtle colours with the visible stitching along the spine.  These lightweight journals are also the ones we use within our recycled leather notebooks.  As with the Castelli, the Moleskine Cahier is perfect for foiling your logo on to the cover with any of the rainbow of foil colours that we offer.

So, the sewing machine may be humble but it is also mighty!  Singer stitched notebooks combine a longstanding technique with superior functionality and style.  Get in touch to request a free visual of your logo on a Singer stitched notebook.