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Rose Gold

Rose gold, the colour of affluence, elegance, romance and a stunning addition to an opulent business card.  The rose gold foil business card is a popular choice, but is it right for you?

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold in its true metallic form is an alloy of gold, copper and a small amount of silver.  As a colour, it was first used in the 19th century by Fabergé for his acclaimed ovums.  Consequently it was called ‘Russian Gold’ for a while.  Equally fabulous creatives continued to use the shade, notably Cartier featured it in their ‘Trinity Ring’ in 1924.

The popularity of rose gold jewellery waned in the early part of the 20th centruy in favour of platinum.  However, the start of World War Two and the subsequent demand for platinum for the war effort meant that its scarcity increased and value rocketted.  This had a positive on the demand for rose gold and it hasn’t looked back since! 

Rose Gold Fabergé Egg and Cartier Ring

The Recent Rose Gold Trend

However, its recent surge in popularity has been attributed to the release of an Apple IPhone in this dazzling tone in 2015.  This has led to Rose Gold’s most recent monika, ‘Millennial Pink’.  

It’s no wonder that it can now be found across any product range that you can think of.  Rose gold is a beautifully soft hue which screams (discreetly of course) luxury, refinement and sophistication.  The business card has also benefited from this fashion too.  Rose gold foil business cards are a joy to create and induce a smile from all the lucky recipients.

Rose Gold Foil Thank You Card


The cards are produced by ‘hot foiling’ or  ‘foil stamping’.  This involves the production of a brass dye of the design which is then attached to one of our hand presses.  The  design is then impressed or embossed onto the business card using a balance of heat and pressure to ensure an even, clear and unmistakable finish.  


The key to creating the best rose gold foil business cards is the use of top notch materials.  We only use the exceptional foils from FoilCo Ltd.  Not only is the quality of the foil impeccable but the range of tones is unrivalled, whether you want metallic or matt, they will have just the foil.  There are various shades of rose gold on offer from FoilCo as shown below.  Speak to us to find out more about the best shade for your card.

Rose Gold Foil Swatch Card from FoilCo Ltd

Card Stock

Equally important is the card stock used for the business card.  Once again, we only source stock from papersmiths of repute, such as G.F. Smith, Gmund and Vanguard.

Rose Gold Business Card Design

When creating eye catching rose gold embossed business cards, it is also important to consider the colours which compliment it and the design of your card.  Rose gold can offer a subtle finish when contrasted with softer shades such as pale pinks, creams and lighter greys but will pop off the card against deep colours like deep purples and blacks.  So, when thinking about your design, consider the style you are going for. 

Rose Gold Foil on Amethyst Colorpla Business Card

With regard to design and layout, all foiled cards benefit from a less is more approach. 

It can be easy to get carried away with mixing a multitude of finishes but often it’s best to let the various techniques stand alone.  We also recommend a point size of no lower than six.  Smaller sizes are possible depending on the font used. 

Your Rose Gold Foiled Business Cards

Don’t be fooled into thinking that rose gold business cards are just for wedding companies and jewellers (although they obviously work wonderfully here!), they are perfect for a myriad of businesses and industries.  If you want help with your rose gold business card design or print, get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.  After all, if it’s good enough for Fabergé…..!