Appeel Notebooks - Beautifully Eco-Friendly

The humble apple - a daily dose of goodness that can be incredibly versatile. But who would have thought about turning apples - apple peel to be exact - into eco-friendly notebooks? Those masters of notebook fabrication, Castelli, that’s who - with their beautiful Appeel notebook collection.

‘An environmental conscience is all well and good’ we hear you cry, ‘but I don’t want a notebook that resembles a compost heap!’ Don’t panic, at Woodblock we would never expect you to compromise on the quality and design of your stationery. 

And luckily some very clever chaps/chapesses have sidestepped these potential pitfalls and have created notebooks that we would all be proud to flash around.

The Original Apple Peel Journal

The Appeel collection uses the often-overlooked waste parts of the fruit, combining it with vegetable fibres to create pages that are a dream to write on - as you would expect from Castelli. These A5 apple-peel bound journals contain 192 ruled pages for your writing pleasure! 

Bound by a smooth eco-leather cover, which is part recycled leather and part apple peel, these notebooks boast the usual refined finishes, Italian design style and functionality. Appeel are ripe for blind debossing or digital printing to customise your notebook! 

These customisable apple-peel journals are ideal for those organisations who wish to demonstrate their eco-friendly credentials.

Appeel Journals - Innovation, Beauty and Sustainability

The Appeel journal range represents a seamless marriage of technology, sustainability, innovation and beauty to be applauded! As described by the makers, the Appeel’ palette is a sympathetic reflection of our most loved apples’ and are perfectly suited to nature lovers! The five colours available are not only inspired by the apples but also named after them. Now the apple can nourish not just your body but your mind too!

We hope you like these new additions to the Woodblock collection. Get in touch for more information or a cheeky little preview of how your logo could look foiled or debossed atop these natural Appeel journals.

A5 Medium (13.4 x 21.3cm) 192 pages

Cover : Softback
Material : Eco Friendly
Format : Ruled
Minimum Quantity : 25

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Appeel Notebook BlackAppeel Notebook Pink LadyAppeel Notebook Granny SmithAppeel Notebook Apple WoodAppeel Notebook Red Delicous

N O T E B O O K   C O V E R    O P T I O N S






N O T E B O O K   I N T E R N A L   O P T I O N S

Eco-Friendly - Cover made from Apple Peel & Vegetable Vibres |  Elastic Closure |  Ribbon Marker |  Pen Loop
Paper made from Ground and Emulsified Apple Pulp |  Rounded Corners  |  Internal Document Pocket

Example prices below are based on ordering 100 units with a standard size deboss.

A5 Medium £10.10 each

The price per notebook drops the larger the order you place.

We aim to dispatch all standard orders approx within 5-10 working days depending on the quantity required.

If you have a rush order / tight deadline please call to discuss the options and we will do our utmost to help.


Leather Effect
Wiro Bound
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