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Branded Notebooks

Let us help you create customised notebooks to get your brand noticed.  From Iconic brands such as Leuchtturm,Castelli and Moleskine to eco friendly notebooks and completely bespoke designs, these can make unforgettable corporate gifts and marketing tools.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the choice give us a call for some advice.

Leather Effect
Wiro Bound
Eco Friendly
Appeel Notebook
A5 Medium
Castelli Tucson Notebook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium • A4 Large
Leuchtturm1917 Notebook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium
Moleskine Classic Notebook
A5 Medium
Castelli Singer Notebook
A5 Medium
Castelli Tucson Flexible Notebook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium
Cambridge Notebook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium
Baladek Notebook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium
Leuchtturm1917 Softcover Notebook
A6 Pocket • B5 Medium
Castelli Phoenix Notebook
A5 Medium
Leuchtturm1917 Jottbook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium
Kraft Wiro Bound Notebook
A5 Medium
Leuchtturm1917 Metallic Jottbook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium
Castelli Oceania Notebook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium • A4 Large
Leuchtturm1917 Whitelines Notebook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium • A4+ Large
Leuchtturm1917 Bi-Colour Notebook
A5 Medium
Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal
A5 Medium
Castelli Sherwood Notebook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium • A4 Large
Leuchtturm1917 Metallic Notebook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium
Leuchtturm1917 Leather Notebook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium
Leuchtturm1917 Reporter Notepad
A6 Pocket
Castelli Mirabeau Notebook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium
Veleta Notebook
A6 Pocket • A5 Medium
Two Tone Notebook
A5 Medium
Full Colour Notebook
A5 Medium
Recycled Leather Notebook
A5 Medium
Mix & Match Notebook
A5 Medium
ECO Flexi Notebook
A5 Medium

Quite possibly the best promotional product out there...

The branded notebook has so much to offer - they are enduring, functional, desirable, super stylish and great value.  They are the whole promotional package.  Perfect at any time of year and for any marketing campaign or event, a thoughtful corporate gift, an enviable branded giveaway or a professional addition to employees meeting kit.  Branded notebooks provide a solution to that age-old problem of finding a marketing tool /product that your target audience will be excited by, grateful for and want to hold on to.  Our range of promotional branded notebooks and bespoke customisations mean that you can find a perfect match for your brand’s style and values, whether you want to wow with a super luxe Leuchtturm branded notebook or promote your green credentials with an Eco Flexi branded notebook we can help you.  These covetable jotters with your brand emblazoned on the cover will then be flashed around  everywhere from meetings and cafes to trains, planes and automobiles.  They offer an unrivalled advertising opportunity-the gift that keeps on giving to all those involved!

The Joy and benefits of the notebook

Despite our tech-filled lives, our love affair with the humble notebook persists.  Who doesn’t love stationery?  Who doesn’t get a thrill at a clean, crisp, brand new notebook?  All those unsullied pages awaiting new plots, plans, lists and ideas.  The notebook also offers an opportunity to let your creative juices flow in a far more undistracted and natural way than a screen.  Writing, drawing, doodling, brainstorming are not only useful and productive but also provide a therapeutic outlet and opportunity to ponder perhaps-never a bad thing in our fast paced lives.  Notebooks can enhance communication.  The physical barrier of a screen can stifle the flow of conversation-you never see a therapist with a laptop between them and their patient.  Arm your staff with branded notebooks at their meetings rather than screens and enjoy the discussions and quality of communication flourish.

Eco Branded Notebooks

Unsurprisingly and unregrettably our fastest growing range.  We have worked hard to create a collection of environmentally friendly branded notebooks that not only do their bit for the planet but also look and feel great and offer good value for money.  Our most popular eco notebooks are the Eco Flexis, 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, available in five smart colours, in A5 and pocket size formats and perfect for hot foiling with your logo.  The Appeel, an eco-friendly notebook made from waste parts of apples, is another great sustainable branded notebook option.  These A5 eco notebooks come in five beautiful apple-inspired hues and the covers are ripe (!) for a blind deboss.  Also a popular choice in the eco friendly category are our recycled leather notebooks.  A professional looking option in a range of subtle earthy colours all of which look stunning with a blind deboss or hot foil logo adorning the cover.

Great for range of colours

The Tucson is a practical, durable but well crafted companion for anyone.  This workhorse of a notebook is available in A4, A5 and A6 and multitude of colours so there is sure to be just the one to compliment your brand.  There is a choice of page formats and the hardback covers work beautifully with a blind deboss or hot foil customisation to brand your promotional branded notebook.

Great for Tech lovers

The White Lines notebook enables you to upload writings and drawings and digitally edit your work, send them by email or make them accessible  via various platforms.   The smart black cover is suitable for any of our customisation techniques making it a great promotional notebook for a wide variety of industries.

Great for colour fun

The Two Tone soft back notebook comes in a rainbow of colour ways.  The vibrant cover colour hides a contrasting inside colour.  They feature 192 pages of responsibly sourced 70gsm lined cream paper, just waiting for your creativity to flow.  Bright, cheery and sure to brighten any workplace, these A5 notebooks can be personalised with any of our customisations techniques.


We are specialists in promotional branded notebooks for business and events and with our great range we can help you to make the most of this fantastic marketing opportunity.  So whether you are looking for a pocket notebook, an A5 journal, a desktop diary, an A4 pad of anything in between we have just the thing.  There are a multitude of colours, paper weights and finishes such as ribbon ties, elastic closures and pen loops to choose from.  We can then brand your notebook using whatever customisations work for you.  Many of the customisations are done using our restored vintage 1950’s presses, including the hot foiling, blind debossing and monogramming. In these processes brass dyes of your logo are specially made and used by our skilled team on the presses to create a striking and lasting impression on the cover.  At Woodblock we only use top drawer materials and stocks and are really excited to be able to offer a staggering choice of foils from subtle tones to bold and unmissable colours.  We also offer full colour printing for promotional corporate notebook covers.  To further personalise your branded notebook  you can add page inserts, with specific information about your business or event.  Our range of customisations offer a way to brand your promotional notebooks that can be fun yet functional, professional yet personal.

Luxe Notebooks

If luxury branded notebooks are what you are searching for, we have some beauties.  The Leuchtturm1917 leather books are filled with ink proof pages that are a joy to write on, perfectly finished by stylish rounded corners and available in plain, ruled, dotted or squared formats.  For the smooth, elegant leather cover there is a choice of a black or Cognac colour.  These luxury notebooks can be yours in either A5 or pocket sized and come with a range of finishing touches that you would expect from premium notebook creator Leuchtturm, including a smart gift box, ribbon markers, stickers for labelling, rear expandable pocket and many more.  Alternatively, the Leuchtturm1917 notebook provides the same quality but the hardback covers are available in a staggering selection of gorgeous colours.  Perfect for all types of business user, artist or scribe and sure to impress even the most discerning of customers, the Leuchtturm1917 notebook offers superior journalling and an ideal surface on which to emblazon your brand.

Great for value

The Castelli Singer is a slim softback notebook in black with a choice of stitching colour along the seam.  Despite its small price it does not compromise on quality or finishes, it features rounded corners and an internal pocket.  Smart and eye catching with a hot foil finish, these notebooks are a great promotional merchandise option and work brilliantly as marketing giveaways.

This is just a little taster of our promotional notebook offering, whatever your notebook need we’d be delighted to discuss all the options and help you find the best fit for your brand. 

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