January, a pretty cold, dark, dismal time of year for us in the U.K. But rather than being seduced by the temptation to go into hibernation and bury our heads under the duvet, let’s grab the bed by the posts and throw ourselves into 2019 with vim and vigour!

So, clearly the first things one needs when seizing the new year is a notebook. Did you know we offer a fantastic range of notebooks and diaries which can all be customised? Why not spread this new year motivation by arming your staff with a branded journal and maybe watch productivity soar? And of course, corporate gifting doesn’t have to be in December. The power of a random gift from your business to your most valued clients should never be underestimated. Consider a custom Castelli notebook with your logo beautifully hand foiled or embossed being used and carried-a pretty valuable marketing tool. There is just something about a crisp, clean, unsullied notebook that inspires new ideas and plans. It makes you feel that anything is possible.


January is the time to do things to make ourselves feel good and to put into action those plans and strategies that will help us succeed in the coming year. What better way to be ready for all the opportunities heading your way than new statement, luxury stationary? The entrepreneurial equivalent of a new hair-do, giving you that confidence and go-get attitude. Banish the January grey with stunning, bright gold or silver foiled business cards. Examples of our Colorplan, embossed, foiled, duplex, triplex or Kraft business cards (to name just a few options) are on our website. And whilst you’re reviving your business card, why not give the same treatment to your letterheads? Reams of smart, fresh paper emblazoned with your logo-imagine the deals that could be done!

So, if you’re tempted to head into a winter induced cocoon, maybe consider making January about stationery rather than being stationary!