September and the memory of holidays and the long hot summer are fading fast we can now get excited about what this time of year was made for-new stationery!

Most of us harbour a love of these simple but stunning utensils, whether spoken or secret. Who doesn’t get a buzz from the possibilities presented by a new, clean, crisp, blank page of a notebook? Or the intoxicating whiff of new letterheads?  Or the satisfyingly neatly boxed gleaming new business cards?

According to Lyreco, ‘61% (of us) their love of stationery stems from fond childhood memories of receiving new items, especially for school’.  This isn’t a surprise, at a time of our lives when we have little control over purchasing decisions and when uniforms and timetables are prescribed, being allowed to choose our very own stationery is something many of us remember with fondness.

But why should the kids have all the fun this September?

New stationery has the power to make us feel reenergised and positive, it can provide that new year, anything-is-possible feeling.  So, what better time to give ourselves this lift when the days are drawing in and the long winter slog is looming

Having the right stationery at work can make us more productive, efficient and confident.  Avoid the embarrassment of only having scrappy bits of foolscap to scribble on or not having a business card to hand at the crucial moment.   The stationery essential, the notebook, offers a real healing tool for mental health, allowing us to let out our thoughts, fears, dreams, plans and creativity.

Arming your staff with branded, professional stationery, not only offers a valuable marketing opportunity as they proudly flash your logo around but also better prepares them to sell your business.  It can make them more productive, creative and enhance feelings of value.  Lyreco also found that ‘58 per cent of those polled admit they take pride in having ‘nice’ pens, notepads, rulers and other stationery, and almost half of office workers (48%) agreed that stationery is calming and therapeutic’.

From your customers’ point of view, receiving beautifully presented communications from you will only enhance their perception of your company.  Emails, whilst efficient, are soulless and don’t offer the chance for the receiver to hold on to something physical.

Branded stationery can provide your business with incredible marketing opportunities.  At Woodblock we can create all your business stationery from business cards and letterheads to notebooks, diaries and pens and everything in between (ok, maybe not a protractor, but who uses those?)  Depending on the finish you want, we use our beautifully restored vintage presses or efficient, modern print.   Our dedication to finding out exactly what you want, guiding where needed and our attention to detail mean that the results do your business justice.  We use premium stocks and hand finishing techniques to ensure that your customised stationery will set you apart from the competition.

So, this September, why not arm your staff or customers with their very own company branded notebooks to give them that back to school energy and motivation?

The survey was completed by OnePoll on behalf of Lyreco with 2,000 office workers polled between Thursday 1 February to Monday 5 February, 2018.