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Pharrell Williams knew the importance of it and there’s no doubt we all need a bit more just now-happiness. The convivial, chirpy feeling we’re all so fond of.  Clearly being a pleasant human being and nice to those around us goes a long way.  But we believe little perks or bonuses can add an extra dollop of happiness to work relationships.  We want to make more people happy with promotional products!

Why it’s important to keep everyone happy.

In business, we obviously work to make people happy.  We want them to be pleased with the product or service we provide, enjoy working for us or take joy in working relationships.  Increasingly though these touchpoints have been put under strain, either by lack of face-to-face interaction with Covid restrictions or simply more online working and shopping.  For many, the connections we had with shopkeepers, suppliers, clients or our team at the office have dwindled. 

This reduction or absence of meaningful interactions can have serious consequences for people’s mental wellbeing.  This is not just bad news for staff morale and productivity but business too. Disillusioned consumers can’t connect with businesses in the same way and it’s just not good for society as a whole.

So many of our interactions are now digital that not only do we not talk to real humans as much but very little is tangible.  There is something very powerful about actually being able to touch something and hold on to it and keep it as a lasting reminder.  

Making Customers Happy

How promotional products can help make people happy.

Promotional products are at their simplest, little gifts and who doesn’t like to receive a gift?  It immediately induces positive feelings, especially towards the benefactor, who in this case, is your lovely, thoughtful company.  This zeal for your brand can spread like wildfire as news of this kind gift is passed around.  Your company suddenly has emotion and a personality that all stakeholders warm to.  

For consumers a token of your appreciation for their brand loyalty can delight and inspire.  It can encourage them to re engage with your brand, take another look at your website and build long term bonds. 

For staff, these happiness rewards can be a way to reach out to home workers that makes them feel valued and part of the team. Even modest gifts can help to boost staff retention and loyalty.  

Where promotional products really set themselves apart from digital vouchers or e cards is that they are tangible.  You get the anticipation of opening the parcel, the joy of holding a well made, stylish product and the excitement of using it.  With most promotional products you have the added benefit of longevity, these gifts can be enjoyed again and again.  Think how often a branded water bottle or travel mug gets used (and paraded around for all to see!)  And every time your little present is used, they have a  reminder and positive feeling towards your brand

Whether you want promotional items that are fun, functional or a bit of both, we have lots to choose from. We will happily put together ideas to suit you and your brand so you can create the happiest staff or customer appreciation packs.

Maybe you’d like to go for a product that is specific to your industry and audience, for example a gym might choose to give out branded towels or water bottles.  Our range of eco friendly promotional products is very comprehensive and sufficient to meet the needs of the greenest of consumers.   Branded merchandise provides a great return on investment and fits perfectly into any marketing campaign.  

Branded Eevo Water Bottles

Top 10 promotional products to make people happy:

  1. Food and drink-instant gratification but always well received
  2. Customisable grow your own seed pots-sure to brighten any desk or window sill.
  3. Keyring with a positive message-for a little boost whenever you need it.
  4. Notebooks-for thoughts and feelings, plots and cunning plans.
  5. Silly stress toys in whatever shape and style you can think of!
  6. Cosy socks-to make people smile and keep them toasty.
  7. Luxury branded bags-an ever useful and joyful accessory.
  8. Mug or travel mug-one of life’s little essentials.
  9. Badges– be creative with your messages and watch them become collectors items.
  10. Aprons-inspire someone to cook with your branded aprons.
Branded Keyring

How to create your smile inducing branded merchandise.

Whether your considerate, attentive company wants to send individual items or corporate gift boxes stuffed full of goodies we can help every step of the way. Our ever happy team will willingly put together ideas based on your specifications and our designers will help you create any creative aspects needed.  You can also rely on us to create your branded packaging and organise fulfilment.    

If you are ready to treat your company’s nearest and dearest to some extra merriment then give us a shout, we’d be delighted to help.  

All together now….’(Because I’m happy)

Clap along if you know what happiness is to you

(Because I’m happy)

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