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Life after lockdown



After a prolonged period of hibernation, there is a light at the end of the COVID tunnel. We will soon be able to venture from our homes and frolic in the sunshine once again.  As safety and government guidelines permit these greater freedoms, there will undoubtedly be an insatiable appetite for all sorts of activities and socialising.  So here are a few thoughts as to how to get ready to reopen in The Great Unlockdown.

If your family is anything like ours, the list of all the things we are going to do ‘after coronavirus’ as the seven year old puts it, is as long as the queues for supermarkets were last March.  From the cinema to sports events and theatres to theme parks, the thirst for fun will be almost unquenchable. All these and many more B2C businesses will be enjoying a boom summer 2021, but they will not be the only ones.  The knock on effect for related and supporting industries promises to be good too.  

How To Make the Most out of The Great Unlockdown

The unlockdown is happening in stages, so many businesses will have to prepare for different levels of service offerings as the restrictions lessen.  To ensure you comply with all the government guidelines and to keep customers and staff safe we can supply all the COVID compliance materials and accessories you need.  Whether you need floor stickers, branded face masks, sanitiser, screens or signage speak to us. But let’s move on from the necessaries and think about the fun stuff!

With this fervour for fun on the horizon businesses need to have their best foot forward.  

Open for Business! 

Firstly, you need to remind your customers that you exist.  It’s been a while and with so many good places to visit, a gentle reminder of who you are and what you do will be invaluable.  This could take the form of a stand out piece of direct mail through their door, a little branded gift or prominent shop window displays that will catch their eye.  Reopening lines of communication with your customers also allows you to explain how your offering might look or feel a little different from before, so they’ll know what to expect when they return.  Maybe consider reopening with an offer as an incentive as you get ready to reopen.

If you are a B2B operation, you may have been open throughout, albeit working in different ways.  However, your business customers may still need a reminder of why they do business with you.  With all this down time they may have been looking into other suppliers so now is the time to woo them and reaffirm relationships.  Why not consider sending thoughtful corporate reopening gifts or congratulations on reopening cards?  You could plan a post-COVID party when it’s safe to do so and get busy organising and sending out invites.  There are few things more exciting than a party invite through the post, especially at the moment!

Shake your tail feather

Show your business off at its most fabulous when you reopen.  When customers return you want to be proud to open those doors.  Ensure your premises, staff and marketing are looking their best.  Invest in spectacular signage and decor to create an appealing and welcoming atmosphere.  

Coordinate your staff with apparel that reflects and reinforces your brand.  A smart employee uniform can transform a venue and make staff easily identifiable thereby making your customers visits much easier.  We offer an abundance of staff kit, from high vis to headware and sweatshirts to sashes.  All our clothing can be branded to suit your business and will help your super staff be at the top of their game. 

As a B2B operation you may not often welcome your customers on to your premises but you can ‘look good and feel great’ in other ways too.  A bit of a revamp of the office or workspace can do wonders for morale as you get ready to reopen.  If staff have been working from home for a long time they may feel hesitant about returning to a busy workplace.  Making it more comfortable and appealing could really help.  

Send out arresting marketing materials, such as leaflets and brochures that show your business off to its absolute best.  As your team starts to head out to meetings and events once more, arm them with deal making stationery such as luxury business cards and logo notebooks.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

Given the situation we have all been in and the enthusiasm that is building for events and activities, it is worth pondering your offering.  Does it reflect what people/businesses will want?  Could you offer more?  Within the tourist and service industry there is huge scope for branded merchandise as mementos.  Why not think about expanding your range to include some gifts and treats which customers can take home and which help you live longer in their minds?  It’s a great way to increase the spend per head.

This idea also translates into the B2B sector, where you might think about related products, accessories or services that could compliment your core offering.  

Ready to reopen?

So, we all have some work to do.  Whether as a business getting ready to reopen or as a consumer to get spending (it’s tough but someone’s gotta do it).  Whatever your business it is worth gearing up and being match fit to support and entice your customers.  Let’s emerge stronger, more fabulous and hungry to have some fun from this hibernation.  We can help you put your best foot forward for The Great Unlockdown.