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Well I’m pretty confident that 2020 is a year that none of us want to repeat.  It’s been a long, worrying and difficult year and we are all desperate to get back to the more sociable way of living that we, as humans, need.  Until we are able to get back to normal we will have to reach out to people in other ways.  From a business perspective it may feel like an extravagance that we can ill afford at the moment but sending employee thank you packs is so valuable and can reap long term benefits.

Why are employee thank you packs so important?

Whether your staff have worked from home throughout and may be feeling isolated and detached or they have had to adjust to challenging ways of working on site or maybe they have gone the extra mile and overcome other difficulties, a thank you or sign of your appreciation goes a very long way.  

We all like to feel valued and for our efforts to be noticed, it makes us feel good and improves our mental wellbeing.  Knowing that someone has thought about you can beat off feelings of loneliness that many may be experiencing.  Additionally, receiving a thoughtful surprise is a smile inducingly happy experience that will create positive feelings towards your company.  We all understand the importance of retaining great staff and these perks can help to unify teams and improve retention.  This is especially important when some home workers might be feeling more removed from the workplace and loyalty might wane.  

Keeping communication channels open despite the obvious barriers can also make the return to work easier when it is possible.  When we are given the green light we will all want to make the most of 2021 and so we need to hit the ground running.  

Providing goodies that make working from home more comfortable can not only help employees to feel valued but can also make them more productive.  Why not equip your dedicated troops with not only the appropriate tech, but also a few niceties to make it more enjoyable too?

Happy Employee

What are the best staff thank you pack products?

Obviously this depends entirely on the nature of your workplace, the relationship you have with your staff and the messages you want to convey.  In general a balance of instant gratification ( a delicious branded brownie) and longer lasting (personalised mug) work well. We can create completely bespoke employee thank you packs that reflect your business ethos and style.  Some companies may want to focus on more functional products whilst others might see it as an opportunity to bring some fun or light heartedness to their teams.  Or of course a mix of the two can usually ensure something for everyone. 

Branded Caramel Shortbread
Employee Mugs

Virtual Christmas Party

If frivolity is your thing, why not try a virtual Christmas party with your staff?  In advance of the event, send out packs containing all the kit to decorate Christmas decorations, gingerbread men or cakes. Enjoy the silliness that ensues as you all attempt to make yours the best.  We can create these packs for you including an edible topper of your logo for the cakes!    You could also throw in a Santa hat and a bottle of bubbles. 

Virtual Staff Christmas Party with Happy Employee

Christmas staff packs:

If our virtual Christmas party idea isn’t your thing then why not send out a Christmas care pack to employees?  These could contain a range of goodies, all branded with your logo, that are sure to please.  Products might include a mini bottle of prosecco, warming slipper socks, tasty treats, a beautiful mug, hot choc and a cosy beanie.  We also offer a great selection of hampers stuffed with delectables.  Or, how about a desktop, grow your own Christmas tree?

How do I organise my employee thank you packs?

We are here with you every step of the way in the journey to create your own staff thank you packs.  From our in house design team that can aid you with any creative issues you may have, through to production and fulfilment we can assist.  Whether you know exactly what you want or you would like us to cherry pick a list according to your spec and budget, just let us know.

Finishing Flourishes

To perfectly finish your staff thank you packs we can produce luxury branded notecards for personal messages.  Once you have picked the products you want we can also help you choose the best packaging, from luxury gift boxes or bags to branded tissue paper, swing tags and stickers.  All our packaging can be customised to ensure the best impression.

Rather than being lavish or superfluous, staff care packs are sound financial investments.  They provide a substantial return on investment in terms of the emotional well being, productivity and unity of your teams. If you are ready to organise your pack please give us a shout and we’d be happy to spread some joy.

Gold Foil Branded Box