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The Importance of The Business Card

Business cards-for such a small thing, they can make a big impact.  They are the unassuming little powerhouses of networking and marketing because they have the opportunity to create a first impression and a physical lasting reminder of your brand.  So, they need to look good.  But this doesn’t mean compromising on environmental credentials. In this blog we will explain how to create the best eco friendly business cards.

The Best Eco Friendly Papers

In line with our ethos all our stock is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved suppliers.  Our most popular cards use the G.F. Smith Colorplan range which are fully recyclable and biodegradable.  The bleaching process they use avoids the use of harmful chlorine so it is classified as ECF.  This is also true for our Senses range of papers.

Kraft Business Cards

Our Kraft papers are from Neenah and boast a minimum of 30% post consumer fibres and sustainable raw materials.  Neenah are fully committed to sustainability, having numerous environmental certifications and following through in projects such as having 90% of the water needed for production is returned to the local river.   The stock offers a typically pleasing texture and natural colour for your Kraft business cards.

Kraft Business Card With White Foil

Extract Coffee Cup Business Cards

The Extract range is made from recycled disposable coffee cups through a process called CupCycling.  This uses 90% of the waste from each cup and converts it back into FSC certified paper fibre which means that each 380gsm sheet of Extract paper contains at least five upcycled cups.  However, the remaining 10%, which is plastic, is also then recycled so this is a zero waste process.  The Extract range by James Cropper and G.F. Smith, not only has a great story behind it but also makes beautiful sustainable business cards.  The papers come in a collection of ten subtle natural tones that ooze understated charm. The stocks can be duplexed or triplexed to create super thick eco business cards.

GF Smith Extract Paper Made From Coffee Cups

Bier Business Cards

Papersmith connoisseurs Gmund, produce the Bier collection from hops, malt and  elemental chlorine-free pulp.  They describe this collection as ‘earthy, lively and authentic’.   The names of the collection belie their origins: Lager, Pils, Ale, Weizen and Bock.  You can choose two or three tones to duplex or triplex to create thick business cards.  Bier is another great eco range that looks and feels beautiful (‘the gentle flecks of brewer’s grains create a unique surface with a hint of texture’) has enviable sustainable credentials and creates stand out business cards.

Bier Paper Made From Hops

Uncoated Recycled Business Cards

Our uncoated recycled paper business cards feature a 350gsm 100% recycled stock which can then be printed and foiled on to.  Ink is absorbed into uncoated stocks so they can feel more textured than other options.  These stocks make perfect appointment cards as they can easily be written on. 

Uncoated Gold Foil Business Cards

Finishing Techniques

I have mentioned that some of these stocks are suitable for duplexing and triplexing. 

Foil Blocking:

Foiling involves the addition of metallic, matt or silk foils to the cards using a purpose made dye of your logo or details which is impressed on to the material with our hand presses.  This process is suitable for all the above stocks.  Foiling gives a uniquely eye catching finish to your business cards whilst being ecologically sound.  The foil is so thin, that it dissipates within the re-pulping process, so can happily be recycled.  

Additionally, Foil Co, our wonderful supplier, takes their commitment to the environment very seriously and is the first foil company to be certified as ZeroFoil2Landfill compliant. Nearly all their products are vegan-friendly. The foils contain no animal ingredients or animal by-products, no known animal-derived GMOs or genes in the manufacturing process, and haven’t been tested on animals.   

Blind Debossing:

The subtle art of blind debossing, whereby the impression is made on to the card without the addition of foil is possible on many of our eco stocks.  However, a weight of 540gsm or above is preferable to create the best finish.

How Can I Make My Eco Friendly Business Cards?

So, as you can see, there is plenty of scope for producing distinctive, luxury business cards that also live up to rigorous environmental standards.  Take advantage of our more than 15 years of design and production experience, to create your own sustainable business cards to help you win business.