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You only have to look around any office to see how much we rely on technology and there’s no doubt that ‘going digital’ has completely transformed our lives in a lot of very good ways.

But our love affair with the humble notebook persists.  There is just no substitute for a pen and paper sometimes.  You’re not relying on battery power or WIFI connections or signal.  You and your pen can get to work with your notebook anywhere, anytime.

The uses of a good notebook are endless but let’s look at a few;

Nothing in life beats the satisfaction of crossing something off a list, scrawling a big line through a boring task and then seeing the whole list complete (haha) can’t possibly be equalled by the digital version.  This motivation surely makes us more productive?  So, arm your staff with your company branded notebooks and watch productivity soar*.

Ideas and inspiration flow so much more freely on paper than on screen.  There is more scope for concepts to grow and develop and importantly it’s easier to see the creative journey at the end.  If you’re on a screen the temptation is to simply delete the past concepts, but this is such a waste of potential.  How many times do you go round in circles trying to come up with a better idea and then realise that your first one was actually the best?

Not just a whimsical waste of time but these little pieces of art can help to clear and calm our minds, making us more productive and creative.

Having the physical barrier of a computer screen within a conversation can be a barrier to communication too.  It’s therefore common sense that therapists or lawyers for example usually use a notebook during sessions, it aids the flow of conversation.   Communicating some concepts is just easier using a quick sketch or diagram.

Corporate Gifts and Marketing:
Offering your own branded notebook can be an excellent marketing tool, providing existing or potential customers with a lasting and very useful reminder of your business.   At Woodblock we can tailor your branded notebook to suit the style and ethos of your business but also make it relevant to your industry or product with the addition of extra printed page inserts, thereby creating promotional a product that is valuable and strengthens your brand identity.  And who doesn’t like to receive a brand new notebook?

So, you see it’s not just a notebook but a powerhouse of possibilities and potential, a catalyst for creativity and communication and a way to win business.  There might also be room for your shopping list!

*We cannot guarantee that productivity will soar!