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The humble notebook has a million different uses as we know but given the Royal Wedding celebrations this weekend and with my brother’s wedding just a few weeks away, I’ve been thinking about how love and notebooks are so intertwined!

I have a book, Lists of Note, (compiled by Shaun Usher) a present from the aforementioned sibling, which I love!  One of my favourites is ‘A Love List’ written by American architect Eero Saarinen, in which he pens a list of reasons he loves his new wife.  It is simple, honest and so touching.  I am a hopeless romantic but I challenge anyone not to think it’s quite lovely!

Journals have long been a secret way to reveal our innermost desires and fantasies or just to make sense of our feelings.  Many a girl (or boy) has poured their broken hearts out into their notebooks and then compiled a list of resolutions for a new them and much better for it!

When weddings are approaching, the notebook can be purely practical.  The range of bridal organisers and planners is endless.  With checklists for the most ferocious ‘bridezilla’!  On the day itself, the guest book can provide a lovely way to capture your friends and families best wishes and memories.  That is if you, unlike us, actually get it out before the bitter end, otherwise it’s more of a large book with half a dozen drunken scribbles!



Another very practical but entirely unromantic list from Lists of Note is by Charles Darwin.  Marry/Not Marry is his record of the pros and cons of marriage in order to help him decide whether to propose to the love of his life, Emma Wedgewood.  Highlights include, from the pros-‘better than a dog’ and ‘charms of music and female chit-chat’ and from the cons- ‘forced to visit relatives’ and ‘less money for books’.  They were married for 40 years.  I’m guessing she never saw the list!

Notebooks are so precious, they record exciting new beginnings, all the gory details, plans and experiences in the middle and the lessons that we learn.  When we look back they show how we change and grow or they can be just a fun way to pass the time.  Whatever your notebook needs are we have a stunning selection for you to choose from and remember they can be hand personalised and branded just for you.

Whatever, you do with yours, love it!