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In a rare day away from the studio we headed for Islington and to the London Stationery Show this week. The drive from deepest Surrey to this area of London is a bit painful but the opportunity to talk, child free for two hours is always welcome and productive. It’s amazing how much can be discussed and devised in these precious moments when we’re not distracted by everything else.

It’s so good to get out to these events and see what people are doing (and not doing!) We saw some interesting and different products, we particularly liked Magnetip pens, fineliners that join by powerful magnets to create all sorts of fun and useful shapes, perfect for kids and adults too! A small company producing a range of beautiful recycled notebooks, simple, elegant but also incredible quality, something that can so often lacking in greener offerings. We had some good discussions with pen companies, we are keen to find some amazing ones to go alongside our notebooks to complete the package. Any recommendations of up and coming new pen designers would be gratefully received!


Of course, whilst there it would have been rude not to have a wander through Camden passage, enjoy some lunch and chocolate from the fabulous Paul A Young. All in all a very productive and refreshing day at work!