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We can customise your products with a combination of old and new techniques applied by our skilled craftsmen.

Blind Debossing

Blind debossing is our most popular method of customisation and is suitable for all products. Your brand logo or design is milled onto a brass die, heated and impressed into the cover of the product.

Hot Foil Printing

This process is similar to blind debossing but with the added layer of foil. The foil is applied between the die and cover resulting in stunning and eye-catching results available in a multitude of colours.


A great way to add a personal touch to a premium diary or notebook with your foiled initials or name. Monogramming is a true hand operated craft which we have been perfecting it since 2000.


This specialised process involves applying a metallic foil to the edge of your business cards to add that extra level of awesomeness. The most effective foils to use are gold, silver, copper and rose gold.

Duplexing & Triplexing

The art of bonding a combination of coloured sheets to create super thick business cards. Popular options are duplexing (2 sheets) and triplexing (3 sheets) but if you want to go ultra thick try quadplexing (4 sheets).


Choose whether we should shrink-wrap your customised products or whether they should be presented in a gift box. Lot’s of options are available including gift bags, tray style boxes, slip cases and hard cover boxes.

UV Digital Printing

Full coverage printed covers can really create an impact and the possibilities are endless. Various finishes are also available including soft-touch and anti-scratch lamination which add an extra layer of protection.

Belly Bands / Wraps

Design the wrapband and use it for your advertising, headline or promotional offer. Various options are available including digital print, foiling, debossing, pantones colours, spot uv and soft touch lamination.

Printed Page Inserts

These are also know as Tip-in- Pages. If you need to add a promotional page, advertisement or simply need to include more information, we can add these into the front or back of your branded notebooks or diaries.

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