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We are a family run business with a devotion
to creativity and a dedication to detail.

Combining creativity and print is at the heart of what we do and is the culmination of years of experience in various forms of high end design from silversmithing to product and graphics. It is the skills accumulated along the way and a geeky addiction to all things stationery, that ensure the quality of all our products which are produced in-house by our passionate hands-on team.

Helping Businesses Win Business

We work collaboratively with our clients and strive to achieve the highest standards whilst treating every project with individual care and attention. We understand how important business is to our customers and love working with them to create striking and memorable products which can fuel their success.

Our passion for design and all things stationery mean we are often ahead of industry and market changes and can therefore offer customers a unique advantage.

Being a family business we can also be totally flexible and ensure that each project is tailored to each customer and in a time and fashion that suits.  To help ensure this, we always offer considered and knowledgeable support throughout.  If you decide to join our pack of very happy customers, you’ll find that we’re a friendly bunch, who like nothing more than giving great service.



Woodblock Made in Britain


We have proudly been manufacturing notebooks, diaries, stationery and packaging from our Surrey studio since 2005 and use local materials and suppliers where possible. We are part of  ‘Made in Britain’ which is accredited to businesses that sell goods that have been manufactured or have undergone a final substantial change in Britain before sale.

Carbon Capture Logo


We are pleased to support the Carbon Capture program in conjunction with Premier Paper and the Woodland Trust. The Trust plants trees to soak up CO2 which is damaging to the environment. We pay an extra percentage per tonne of paper and this is then passed on to the Woodland Trust to fund the planting of trees throughout the UK.